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Toilets with economical water consumption
In the 1980s, Duravit had already harmonised the geometry of the body of the toilet with the flushing volume and reduced the amount of water consumed by its toilets to six litres as opposed to the nine or more litres that were standard at the time. Thanks to ongoing research and development, Duravit is today able to offer toilets that flush hygienically using just six, four and a half or even less water (see Dual Flush). At international level, Duravit offers toilets that also flush efficiently with a low flushing volume and that carry the “EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Flushing” label.
Water-saving technologies: Dual flush and Stop+Go
Thanks to the Dual-Flush technology, a household of four can additionally save about 17,000 litres of water per year. Press the economy button to flush with just half the water volume and wash away liquid waste cleanly and hygienically. Press the large button to use the full water volume. In addition, pressing the Stop+Go button interrupts the flush.

Because every drop counts: the waterless McDry urinal
And it’s also possible to do without any water whatsoever: in the McDry urinal, a purely plant-based and thus biodegradable sealing liquid effectively prevents unpleasant odours. The siphon, like the entire urinal, is made of a robust, durable sanitary ceramic, which means it is not necessary to keep changing the plastic siphon, as is the case with other urinals. Highly functional and easy-care, the urinal is incredibly easy to keep clean. A nice touch: the design of McDry is modelled on the shape of a water droplet.

The Utronic urinal flushes thanks to intelligent, electronic control
The intelligent, electronically controlled Utronic urinal with individual flushing and service programmes guarantees both a high level of hygiene and low water consumption. Selecting the various preset flushing programmes is child’s play with the magnetic key that comes with the urinal. The automatic infrared sensor control triggers the economical 1-litre flush as soon as the user has moved away. As the urinal is logical and “thinks for itself”, the flush cannot be trigged by inanimate objects or people walking past. The urinal flushes automatically 12 hours after the last use to prevent any odours from developing. Thanks to its compact form and the discreet, integrated placement of the control unit, Utronic offers maximum protection against vandalism and this, too, is another important aspect with regard to sustainability.

Showering and taking a bath without a guilty conscience
On average, taking a shower consumes less than one third of the water volume required to fill a bath. For this resourcesaving pleasure, Duravit offers a comprehensive range of shower trays, up to and including flush fitting shower trays. However, Duravit also offers intelligent answers to the question of whether it’s possible to take a bath without having a guilty conscience by offering bathtubs that, thanks to their optimum use of space, conserve our water resources by every means possible. For example, with a length of 160 cm, the bathtubs in the Starck and D-Code ranges have a comparatively low filling volume. And, thanks to its innovative, ergonomic and sophisticated trapezoidal shape, the Paiova bathtub offers maximum bathing comfort with minimum water consumption.
DuraCeram: extra robust and durable special ceramics for kitchen sinks
Ceramics have many valuable properties: resistant to extreme temperatures, to odours or flavours, lightfast and hygienic. As a natural raw material, it is non-hazardous to use and also extremely durable. For years, ceramics material from Duravit has been putting its qualities t o the test in the bathroom. However, Duravit has developed an even more robust variant for its range of kitchen sinks: DuraCeram®, made from a special mass that features greater impact resistance and robustness and that is ideal for meeting the extreme requirements of the kitchen.
Green light for environmentally-friendly LED technology
Wherever it makes ecological sense, Duravit has been using resource-saving LEDs (light emitting diodes) for years. Applications include the light and coloured-light programmes for bathtubs, whirltubs, pools and saunas, as w ell as the controls on bathtubs or mirrors with integrated light. This generates power savings of up to 80% compared with halogen lights. Only LEDs and energy-saving lights are used to illuminate Duravit bathroom furniture.
Less noise means greater sustainability: noise- and energy-reduced fan technology
The Duravit whirl systems for whirltubs and pools now feature a new fan that reduces the whirl volume by 9 dB – this corresponds to a noise reduction of almost 50% and an energy saving of up to 40%.
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